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Hand made in Japan

Eggi weight : 20gr

V2: First Thinking Type

Keystone Egi Sharp Type V2 logo

Although it is a high-speed sinking speed, the balance at the time of tension fall and suspension of onion in water realizes a different dimension from that of other plastic hollow body materials that overflow the market. In addition, the amazing flight distance of this class is obtained, and it is possible to make it act dynamically from side to side. As with the type V0, it is a balance made possible by a material called hard urethane foam, and has an unrivaled design. It is a well-known fact that, in particular, the balance of this type of onion often makes a difference in fishing results dramatically. When used as fishing gear, there are many cases where the difference between the fishes is more than 10 times even among fishermen, despite exactly the same conditions of the same place, the same time, and the same water depth.