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  • 6.3:1
  • MaxRet 99cm
  • 395gr
  • BB x 10
  • PE 2 - 700m

● Auto return LD (utility model registered)
Drag lever is interlocked by turning the handle and auto return to the strike position. 
It can also be used as a root fish target for hitting bottoms where clutch type reels such as Jigger and Soltiga were advantageous, and a Tatamio target for actively taking fall bites. Rather, it is a lever drag, so you can adjust the fall speed of the jig between FREE and MIN and bring in a hidden technique to bring it into the bite.

● Drag lever
The lever drag design adopted in S2T. You can operate the drag lever with your palming hand while holding the handle.

● Super spool free (patent registered)
When the spool is free, two small-diameter bearings support the spool, and when reeling, the large-diameter ball bearing slides and the spool loosely. Employing a spool free system that utilizes the characteristics of lever drag, it achieves an amazing fall speed comparable to spinning reels.

● High strength aluminum forging machine cut spool
Lightweight spool with thickness reduction to the limit while maintaining the strength corresponding to the small diameter line. We secured PE 1.5-1000m with deep design that brings out the line capacity to the maximum size.

● Asymmetric frame left and right (design registered)
The diameter of the light plate that houses the drag mechanism and gear and the diameter of the left plate that emphasizes palming are both changed, and STUDIO OceanMark's unique left / right asymmetrical frame is adopted as a machine cut reel.

● Large diameter mountain module gear
We adopt high strength brass material which is very strong. The gear 50 mm thick and 4.8 mm is larger than the 48 mm of the original 50. 
Even with Korean manufacturing, technical instruction to succeed the Nagano factory quality is thorough.

● New shape aluminum forging machine cut frame
Forged and machine-cut high-strength aluminum material A6061-T6, significantly improved torsional rigidity with a completely new frame structure.

● Stainless steel thick shaft
The handle shaft / knob shaft / spool shaft is the same material / same diameter design as the upper model BHL 50, and the bearing power is beyond the class.

● Super durable gear box
● High strength one way bearing
● Super high performance grease

● Semi-waterproof drag
Although a lever drag reel with a waterproof mechanism mounted to the drag section significantly reduces spool free performance, BHL30 devises the shape of the waterproof rubber and drag cover placed on the drag disc to maintain high performance spool free and spool We have developed an innovative mechanism that is simple waterproof when free and waterproof when rolled up.

● Carbon drag washer
The first-generation smooth, heat-resistant, and durable carbon drag washers are adopted at the highest level. Alcon Grease is extremely compatible with the low tension setting, and in the popular Akamutsu, it delivers ultra-smooth characteristics and unbeatable power for large blue items.

● Kilo setting lever
The adjustment range of 1 click is set to about 0.5 kg according to the Japanese sense, and it is a setting of plus 2 kg in the MAX position.