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New Generation Offshore Jigging rod

On the other hand, IKARI Blank has Carbon Core inside of its blank. While a rod bends, Carbon core keeps the blank perfect round shape as much as possible. By restraining deformation of a blank, IKARI has succeeded to reinforce its breaking strength to the maximum. 
Even though it’s a super high elastic rod, IKARI performs phenomenal breaking strength.

Overwhelming Repulsive Force
The 2nd Characteristic is Repulsive Force.
When a blank bends, a blank shows a power to return to its original shape, this power is Repulsive Force.
While at tubular blank accumulates energy only into carbon pipe, IKARI blank accumulates all the generated energy into both carbon pipe and carbon core. Accumulated energy in Carbon core enlarge its repulsive force.

Super Sensitivity
Since Carbon core is fully filled inside, information coming from lures and a line is conveyed directly to your hand without any loss.
Hitting of bottom, lure action, current, tide, sensitive bite, etc. To feel this kind of information clearly and specifically is a huge advantage in fishing field.
More clear information will help you to find out a right situation inside the water of the day, and you can adjust right lures and right lure action to the situation.
It will of course make different in the result.

Create an Ideal Rod Action
Basically, if a blank is thick, it gets stiff and doesn’t bend. If a blank is thin, rod bends but durability gets lower.
Because of IKARI Blank has high breaking strength, it can become very strong and very thin.
Durability, repulsive power, and rod bending.
By controlling these important factors of fishing rod, we can generate an ideal rod action which wasn’t existed before.

Control All Types of Jigs
[Better performance than specialized rods before]
Its special rod action “High elasticity and bendable” rose usability of different types of jigs dramatically.
FOKEETO IKARI attempts fish by making perfect jig action with slow-pitch, high-pitch, and standard one-pitch. By now, each jigging style needed each specialized rod, but FOKEETO IKARI will control all these jigging technics with one rod even better than special rods before.

Thanks to the bigger repulsive force, IKARI shows faster initial velocity, which is an important factor in jig action, and blank restoration time is faster as well.
As a result, movement distance of jig is bigger in one action.
Higher repulsive power allows jig action with smaller power of anglers, and gives bigger pressure on fish during fight.
IKARI reduces consuming of anglers’ strength, so they can save their stamina.

You Can Stand Your Rod in Fight
[Fight against fish without feeling risk of rod break]
IKARI which has improved breaking strength doesn’t let you feel the risk of rod break during fight while usual high elastic rod may give you anxiety of rod break, so you can stand your rod during fight.
By standing a rod up, IKARI gradually bends by having more load on itself, and by load is getting bigger, repulsive force gets bigger. This big repulsive force becomes a big pressure directly on fish, so it will support your fight without giving fish any initiative. 
FOKEETO IKARI works as if it’s your muscle, therefore it reduces fatigue and raise a possibility of catching big targets.
Thinner Line Can Be Used

[IKARI absorbs line damage]
A rod usually take a roll to absorb damage on line during fight.
However, anglers cannot stand a rod with a fragile high elastic rod, so it doesn’t take a natural role of fishing rod. Because of that, it will make direct damage on a line and a reel bigger, so that a risk of line break and reel break gets higher.
On the other side, IKARI absorbs these damages by bending itself conforming with fish move, so the risk of line break gets lower.
IKARI is the best rod for situations that we need to use a thinner line like in deep are, strong current, and so on.

Handle Offset
[mobility and tackle balance]
By making it with a handle offset, we made IKARI closed length less than 140cm, so it’s very good for fishing expeditions by airplane or any transportation. You can challenge to new places.
Also this handle section works as “a balancer Handle” which is a very important section of balancing a whole tackle when a reel and a jig is set. Weight balance make big different on usability and tiredness.
Moreover, handle section is made stiffer, it makes power transmission very smooth and raises performance of jig action and fight.
Less Fatigue
[A rod reduces consuming angler’s stamina]
As you can see on descriptions in other characteristics above, IKARI supports to keep your stamina.
Jig action and fight can be operated with smaller power because of its high repulsive force. 
Also, by its well balance and stability, your fatigue becomes a minimum after all day of fishing.

Essential Rod Weight
[The answer for pursuing true usability]
In today’s fishing industry, there is a tendency of focusing on too much rod weight reduction, and we feel important factors of fishing rods are sacrificed. Especially, vertical jigging can be a power game, but weight reduction may decrease rod durability, so anglers cannot rely on their tackle.
Of course, fishing cannot be done only with a fishing rod. We need a reel, a line, and lures.
ZENAQ think it’s important to make a rod for improving true usability with other tackles line reel and lures than exceeded weight reduction.

the best weight balance that you can move your jig all day with a minimum power
enough durability to fight against fish without anxiety
necessary rod power to catch your target fish

FOKEETO IKARI was born by integrating these essential factors of true jigging rod.
It will definitely support anglers both physically and psychologically.

FB 63-3 IKARI Bait model 
Length: 6'3 "/ Jig: ~ 170g (Short) ~ 240g (Long) / Line: PE # 0.8 ~ 2
Close-sea area Fast shallow area of ​​tidal current Flow of juice, root fish, tattoo etc. 
Slow type jig, short & semi-long size Combination, Technical model that you can use long jig on PE line of fine number 

FB 64-5 IKARI Bait model 
Length: 6'4 "/ Jig: ~
210g (Short) ~ 280g (Long) / Line: PE # 1.5 ~ 2.5 , such as fast area vegetables and medium-large root fish the coastal waters - and deeper than100m

FS64 - 5.5 IKARI Spinning model
Length: 6'4 "/ Jig: ~ 210g (Short) ~ 280g (Long) / Line: PE # 1.5 ~ 3
Sightseeing to expedition Landscape from shallow depth to depth from 100m deep, short jig High pitch to semi-long combination, long jig One pitch, 100 meters deep "Tomara sink" can also correspond. A variety of rod work which made berry power with power is possible.